cbm Canada

CBM Canada

CBM Canada

cbm is a leading Christian international non-profit development organization that works to meet the needs of persons with all disabilities in the poorest communities of the world.

Based on its Christian values and over 100 years of professional expertise and medical experience, cbm addresses poverty as a cause and a consequence of disability, and works with local partners to create an inclusive society for all.

cbm gives life-changing help and hope to these people – regardless of age, gender, religion or race. cbm’s goal is to empower people to change their own lives.

Every year, cbm performs nearly one million operations. Some 600,000 are sight-restoring cataract operations and 42,000 are orthopedic operations. cbm celebrated its 10 millionth cataract surgery in October 2010.

cbm also provides over one million assistive devices including eyeglasses, low vision aids, hearing aids and orthopaedic appliances such as wheelchairs.

Currently cbm supports over 700 projects in more than 80 countries and serves 36 million people every year.

Visit cbm’s main website: www.cbmcanada.org